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Polyvore, Oh My!

I love fashion, styling and jewelry. Polyvore allows me to do all of this for free and for fun. I am constantly forgetting what is in my closet, especially newer things. I love this app because I can go, like what I own, or clip it, (especially all my Chloe and Isabel jewelry), and then style outfits with it. Check out some of my sets, I am always making more!

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I love apps like this that give us an outlet for our creativity. They also give us ideas about how to wear the latest styles and what to wear with them. I know sometimes I love new styles, but I have no clue how to wear them. With Polyvore, I feel like I am able to pick other people’s minds about how and what they would do. Plus you can put together looks without messing up your closet!

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Favorite Summer Necklaces

I am a HUGE jewelry lover. I singlehandedly probably own more jewelry than you and your mother do. It is something I collect, I cherish, and I plan on sharing with my daughters and grand daughters someday. My favorite part about jewelry is that even though seasons and trends change, the jewelry you wear is always relevant. It allows you to showcase your personality and your likes. Simply put, I believe the jewelry you wear is representative of you!

I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces for the summer. There is also links for where to purchase them (click on the caption!).

  1. The head-Turning OMG Necklace
peacock statement
Peacock Plumes Statement Necklace

This necklace is super beautiful! Totally in trend for summer with the turquoise color, but also perfect for fall with the dark green and light browns also found in it. The peacock design is reminiscent of loyalty, timelessness and beauty to me and I just love how well it goes with everything! It pops with a black, navy or brown solid top and brings a freshness to a white blouse.


This necklace is the product of the company I represent, Chloe + Isabel, so I can attest to the quality and beauty of the piece.

2. The Not-So-Simple Long Necklace

kendra scott
Zayne Long Necklace

Give me a long necklace any day of the week and I will be a happy camper. They are so easy to put on and in a beautiful ivory stone, a no brainer!


I love Kendra Scott pieces because they are excellent quality, real stones and look beautiful. The best part of many of the pieces is the adjustable length that allows for decoration down your back too.

I am picturing this necklace in the rose colored metal because I love rose gold, but it also comes in silver and gold metals.


3. The Sliding Classic

bolo madewell
Sliding Ring Bolo Necklace

This necklace is so easy to wear! The O slides on the chains to be shorter or longer. It also has a lobster clasp in back to that is=t can be even longer or a bit shorter. The dangling chain is on trend, but the classic brushed gold look is minimalist and classic.


I will admit, when I saw this necklace in store, I picked it up right away. I knew I needed to have it and I have been so thankful I purchased it since! The chain is smooth and delicate but great quality. No way will it break on you. Plus, it is Madewell, so you know it is made well.


4. The Colorful Statement Necklace

golden lotus
Golden Lotus Necklace

This necklace captured my heart because of the unique look and detail. Plus, it has colors that I love! I like the fact that the cord is silk and not metal, allows it to be light and comfortable on hot days.


This is another piece from Chloe + Isabel (I know! But I really love the summer pieces! They are so unique!). The metal has some movement so that the necklace moves with you. I just love the lotus design on this necklace.  It just makes me feel so relaxed and at peace while the colors make me happy!

5. The Metal Statement

georgina statement
Georgina Gold Fringe Necklace

I am a wholehearted believer that every woman should have that one necklace that she can throw on with her leather jacket and band tee that makes her feel bad ass. This necklace is that for me.


This one is also adjustable so it can be longer and more casual, or worn near the neck for a real statement maker. The tassel design is on-trend but the classic style makes it a timeless piece.

Done in a gold metal, this piece will be perfect in any season and you will find yourself reaching for it more often than you anticipate. Kendra Scott sure knows how to design a kick ass necklace!

Visit the links and shop around! You can say so much with the jewelry you wear. And the bet part? It always fits, no matter what size, shape or weight you are! The jewelry you buy today will be the jewelry you wear for the next 10, 15, 20+ years.

Leave a comment and let me know what you love, hate or want more of!


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Tee Be or Not Tee Be?

The perfect t-shirt. Sounds simple enough, until you recall that perfection is not actually possible. Simply trying to get as near perfection as we can is all we can do. However, that need not be quite as depressing as it sounds. Yes, I have spent years (like most of my teen and early adult years) searching for that t-shirt that stands out from the hordes, distinguishes itself by drape, length, material, cut, neckline, sheer-ness, and value. I have also purchased many t-shirts from Walmart, Target, Abercrombie, Ann Taylor LOFT, Madewell, Free People, James Perse, Rag & Bone, and other brands – too many to count. There are so many t-shirts out in the world it can be difficult to determine which ones are really going to be what you want. So, I am going to share my t-shirt favorites, a couple I dislike for comparison sake and t-shirts other style gurus suggest as well. Because, face it, this isn’t the first t-shirt blog ever written. Or even the one thousandth. But, I know I can always use additional opinions, so I am supplying my own!

The Criteria:

The aspects of the t-shirt that truly make the difference are material composition, cut, sleeve length, and the value (price vs. quality). The four of these together comprise the most perfect t-shirt you can find. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the cost is, if the t-shirt isn’t something you feel amazing in, (or delicious, depending on what look you’re going for), then it is too much.

Material Composition:

It is important to take into consideration the fabric content of the t-shirt. This will affect the value of the tee as well as the drape and the sheer-ness of it. Depending on the style you desire, the fabric can give a boxy look, drapey, or fitted. The strength of the fabric determines the way it fades as it is washed – or even if it can be washed.


Depending on the style of the t-shirt that you are looking for, cut is key! If you are looking for boxy, you would want the tee to a be shorter length, fitted tees should hit the top of the hip, while a drapey tee should be longer in length to achieve optimum drape. If you are like me, round butt and curvy hips, the length is even more important. The best t-shirts can go bad when they are the wrong length whether it results in the constant tup down, out, or getting stuck under your butt or hips.

Sleeve Length:

Sleeve length can make a boxy tee look very boxy or a slouchy tee look oversized. Some t-shirts have elbow sleeves. This can be cute rolled or long if you have thin arms. If your arms are larger, then a sleeve mid arm length is best.


Quality vs. Price. Very important! It doesn’t matter how affordable the t-shirt is if you have to buy 20 of them for every one at a higher price.

The Contenders:

Banana Republic – The Supima Cotton Crew $29.50

cotton crew banana republic
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This tee is 100% cotton but still washes well. It doesn’t shrink or fade, nor is it thin. I love the sleeve length, just long enough to cover the largest part of the arm but not tight. It is fitted as well, with a feminine shape but not too narrow. The length is also ideal – not too long, hitting at the upper hip.

By far my favorite t-shirt. The fit gives me that “Dang I look good!” feeling and dare I say, feel sexy with how it hugs the right places. But, as you can see in the picture, is not clingy or too tight on the torso.


Madewell – Whisper Cotton Crewneck Tee $24.50

madewell cotton tee
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By far one of my favorite non-boxy, boxy tees. It features a drop shoulder and a straight cut with room for a curvy shape. The sleeves roll beautifully yet remain an excellent length to cover the largest part of the arm without being tight. It is made of a light slub cotton. Is not thin enough to be sheer and doesn’t need a layer.

The length is perfect for this fit of t-shirt. Looks great tucked or left out. Has a slight shirt tail cut to the back of the tee with side cuts that remain modest. The only downfall, it says it is machine washable but they hold up best if hand washed.


Free People – We The Free Free Fallin Tee $58

free people we the free free fallin tee 58
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One of the best purchases I have ever made! Certainly the tee is THIN. Anything you wear underneath will be a tad visible. Which makes this perfect for a racerback bralette (FP has a Galloon racerback that is perfect, I will link it).

The top is long all around and runs large. I would suggest sizing down at least one, maybe two sizes. It is perfect with leggings or knotted to the side. It is a drapey fit in a polyester, cotton, and rayon blend. It is a longer short sleeve with a sewn fold. Perfect drapey, lived in look.



J Jill – Pure Jill Scoop- Neck Elliptical Tee

jjill elliptical tee 44
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The best part of this t-shirt is the cut. The Elliptical tee is a longer length in the back, (comes in petite as well), so it is perfect with leggings. The seam along the back just below the natural waist gives definition to the tee so it doesn’t look so blousy in the back. The front of the tee lies flat and just above the hip joint. Super soft cotton that doesn’t fade or shrink makes it a favorite!

This tee is perfect for lazy days with a long pendant necklace. I love it on the days when I am feeling bloated because the cut is so flattering and slimming. It has a built in shape but is cut generously to allow for a long, lean look.

The Unmentionables:

Abercrombie & Fitch – Relaxed V-Neck Tee $18

abercrombie relaxed tee
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Looks super cute on the model, I agree. And, if you are her size, the tee will look great. However, if you are any larger than a size 6, the tee shirt is small, tight and sheer. In addition, the neckline is very low, especially if you have a chest. The sides are also cut rather high. I generally like their items, and yes the tee is soft, but it is not a great fit.

I also don’t care for the sleeve length because it is so short and tight fitting. Also, this tee does not hold up well in the wash. It needs to be hand washed and it still frays, pills and looks dingy after a few wears.


Ann Taylor LOFT – Vintage Soft Pocket Tee $24.50

loft vintage pocket tee
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This LOFT tee is my least favorite. While I worked for the company, I tried many times to like this t-shirt. I probably purchased ten trying to find one I liked but I never did. For one, the cut is short. On the model it looks fine, but in real life, the longest part barely comes to the top of the hip. In addition, the tee is cut wide with small sleeves. The tee is bulky on the shoulder because of this and if both arms are forward, the tee bunches in the chest. In addition, the shirt shrinks and the seams twist when washed. My least recommended t-shirt.


Let me know if you like these tees or if you have your own favorites I should try!


5 Best Nude Sandals for Summer!

The benefits of nude color shoes are numerous. While they can be worn with any color you might wear, they are also masters of misdirection! Wearing a nude shoe can make short legs (like mine) appear longer and therefore, leaner, and long legs appear even longer. Of course a good heel can also help a girl out by lifting the tush, creating longer, leaner legs, and giving us some inches so we are taller. So my favorite nude shoes for summer are all of various heel heights, (even some barely a heel for those who don’t like heels). While I do not own all five, I am only selecting ones I have tried and really liked and that felt comfortable, (and where to buy them). Because, after all, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the shoe is if we can’t last an hour in them!

5. Louise et Cie – Karisa Ankle Strap Sandal $100

louise et cie karisa ankle cuff sandal
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This beautiful sandal features a higher ankle strap balanced out by the open toe. The strap over the toes is nice and wide so your toes remain secure, (no weird pinky toe sticking out in the wrong places!) And the strap shape allows for comfort, no cutting into your toes and it shows of your pretty pedicure! It is about a 2.5 inch, wrapped stacked heel for maximum comfort. The best part about this shoe is that is comes in the matte (shown) and a nude patent as well! So super cute, and at $100, I loved this sandal, even the ankle strap, but if you have large ankles or no ankle, I have some better options!

4. Splendid – Justin T-Strap Thong Demi Wedge Sandal $78

splendid justin wedge sandal 79
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Who doesn’t love the everyday comfort of a cushy t-strap sandal? This one is a great brand at a great price. Splendid is known for its comfortable pieces made if great materials that really hold up. This shoe is no exception. It is super comfortable and the slight wedge heel (1.75 in) and minimal straps means legs will look long and lean whether your ankles are slim or not. These sandals will look excellent with a little sun dress or paired with wide leg crops. The ankle strap has a bit of elastic for added comfort. I highly recommend these!



3. Vince Camuto – Fauna Sandal $119

vince camuto fauna sandal
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I personally love a tie up sandal! This is a style that I have really loved. Free People has been doing tie up shoes for years now and I was thrilled when it became a popular style. This particular pair is, of course, comfortable, featuring a 2.25 in heel. The tie is light and thin enough that it doesn’t dig into the skin, (like some shoelace ones do), but also textured so that they aren’t loosening up all day as well as finished at the end so the string doesn’t fray. They are a higher rise on the ankle but have a large opening for the heel and minimum constriction. Great buy from Vince Camuto!


2. Ann Taylor LOFT – Cutout Wedge Sandal $90

Shop Here

Nothing says summer quite like a perforated shoe. This particular shoe was love at first sight. I love the perforated detail, but not too big that the leather will suffer or weaken. The round buckle perfectly compliments the feminine beauty of this shoe. The wedge is 3 inches high to give a nice lift. But since it is a wedge, the shoe remains comfortable and easy to walk in. This shoe would look wonderful with anything you would wear, especially a feminine sundress. But the feminine details of the shoe would also bring femininity to a basic shift dress or slip dress.


1. Free People – Under Wraps Sandal $68

free people.jpg
Shop Here

This sandal is not so much a light nude color. it does come in a white gold which is a very neutral color, but I am so in love with these sandals I needed to feature them. They do come from one of my favorite brands so I know I will be fully satisfied with them. But I also love how unique they are. T-strap on the foot makes for an interesting line that goes into the ankle strap. But the front of the ankle is left exposed to allow for a clean line down the foot making the legs appear longer despite the lack of a heel on these. They are also an excellent price for a nice pair of leather sandals. They have a bit of elastic that allows them to be easily pulled on and comfortable.


All five of these sandals are comfortable and totally on trend for the season. Nude shoes are one of the essentials every woman should have in her closet. The five I picked or amongst my favorites of all I have seen available at a reasonable price. There are many many more that I love that are more that $150… If you want those recommendations I would be happy to supply them! But for an everyday shoe, these are my favorite five that will hold up and be comfortable.