June 12, 2017

Summer Reading List

So, I have put together a summer reading list of all the books I want to read/finish this summer. Since I am still currently out of a job, I have been filling my time reading and writing. I feel I am learning so much by reading the variety of books I have been looking at. So, here are the next ones on my list!

  1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck! – Mark Manson
  2. The Millionaire Mind – Thomas J. Stanley Ph.D.
  3. Move, Nourish, Believe – Lorna Jane Clarkson
  4. Committed – Elizabeth Gilbert
  5. You are a Badass – Frank Romero
  6. Get Over Your Damn Self – Romi Nuestadt
  7. Women Who Work – Ivanka Trump
  8. Saving Fish From Drowning – Amy Tan
  9. Right Color Wrong Culture – Bryan Loritts
  10. Your New Money Mindset – Brad Hewitt & James Moline

Now, I didn’t list these in any certain order. I plan on reading them as I feel I want to tackle each one. I am currently working on “The Millionaire Mind” and finding plenty I agree with and some things I don’t agree with.

I also realize that many of these are self-development/self-help books. And I think that is okay. Generally, in the past I have moved more towards Young Adult and Fiction titles. However, as I am moving forward with my life, I am seeking answers to some pretty difficult questions and these books, I think, might shed some light and help me make determinations.

Anywho, what are you reading? Have you read any of these yet? I am looking forward to maybe starting conversations around these texts. Maybe even an online book club? Anyone interested? Comment if you are!!

April 22, 2017

“Settle for More” – Megyn Kelly

I finished this book a week or so ago and I wanted to wait before I said anything about it. I will admit I had never paid any attention to Kelly prior to reading this book. I had heard her name but I didn’t have a clue who she was. I only picked the book up because a friend of mine told me it was supposed to be good and I figured I might as well try it out.


Quite frankly, I did not care for it in the least bit. It read a bit like she was simply trying to get the last word in about the Trump-media issue and her impending separation from Fox. She hadn’t separated from Fox when the book was published, but there was obviously tension from what she does say about Fox. And while she never really says anything negative or conspiratory, directly, she does allude to negatives and conspiracy.

Ultimately, I made it through the book in a couple days, primarily because by page 70, I was dying to finish so I could read something, anything else. And, try as I might, it is hard to pinpoint why I disliked the book. But, I think I can sum it up to not liking Kelly’s tone.

Like I said, I didn’t really know anything about Kelly prior to reading the book and I still don’t. The book left me with no desire to learn more about her or watch her show. From reading her book, I have actually sought to distance myself. I feel like she isn’t a relatable person nor a compassionate one. Sure, she loves her kids and her husband. But I don’t see her caring about humanity or mankind on any deep level. Not that everyone should, don’t mistake me, but I would hope that somehow things might be about more than just you. However, her book is entirely about her, how everything is for her, relates to her, and is centered around her. My father would interject here and say I sound jealous. Which is not at all the case. I encourage everyone to pick up her book and read it. Form your own opinions. Obviously thousands of people have liked it. I am just one person. There is no doubt that she accomplished something and did well for herself. And I understand that “settle for more” is a good thing to preach. I just don’t care for the tone and mode in which the message was relayed.

So, did you read it? I would love to hear opinions!!

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