When Your Best Sees Not Enough

You often hear the phrase, “We all do the best we can in life.” While this is true for many people, what about others? The criminals, the pedophiles, the cheaters, the abusers and other such people? Are they doing the best they can in life too? If you have read some of my other stories, (such as “Questioning Enough“), then you know that I don’t like this concept of “enough.” If you haven’t, the quote below will explain it for the sake of this article:

“Enough — the English dictionary defines it first as a determiner and pronoun with the definition, “as much or as many as required.” In my opinion, there are several issues with using this word as a self determiner with this definition. First, this definition implies that there are indeed “requirements.””

Questioning “Enough” – Jennifer Schmidt

However, for this conversation, I just want to address the phrase as it is without targeting the “enough” part of it.

This phrase came to mind when a friend of mine told me that he shared my blog with a friend of his and she found it frivolous and unrelatable. Which is great! This simply means the topics I discuss are not topics they find captivating. That is why there are so many different blogs and publications – each one is discussing certain topics from set perspectives. This is the beauty of print media!

The best part about blogging, in my opinion, is that nobody is a perfect blogger. Blogging is a self-publishing outlet for a reason. I know some companies and businesses are trying to utilize blogs to drive traffic and thus, make money, and that’s great! But ultimately, most of us are amateur writers, just writing about whatever we feel the greatest pull or passion towards. In theory, we are just doing the best we can.

The best I can do is to talk about the things in life that really get me, the things that I feel I can’t ignore. I talk to my friends about these things quite a bit and not all of the subjects make it here. And no, those things are not really nude shoes and t-shirts all the time, but the real things that keep me up at night. In the current climate we live in, we are constantly bombarded by social, political, racial, gender equality, overtly sexual, misogynistic, LBGQT issues, international issues, environmental… oh the list could go on and on into oblivion! These are the issues I hear and read about everyday that I seriously consider. These are the things I want to talk about in addition to “The Best Nude Shoe for Summer.” Because, we need a good mix of frivolous concerns to keep us on track with the serious concerns.

So, who else does the best they can do? The thing that I just realized about this, and what prompted me to write this down, is that the best we can do is not always what someone else feels should or could be done. We do the best we can based on our own thoughts, emotions, perspectives and ideals. For me, I overthink everything and I ask too many questions. I have a hard time letting things go that hurt me. I tend to hold onto those things, I carry that around with me and they may cloud my actions. But I realize, that’s alright. It’s okay to do that, it is okay that sometimes the best we can do isn’t the absolute best option. The hope is that we find others who can know our hearts, other people who can understand that while perhaps you didn’t make the best choice, the place that choice came from was pure and well-meaning.

I also realize that not everyone really does the best they can. They give into feelings of temptation or they do really heinous things, (such as murder, pedophilia, and abuse).  Again, to pass a judgement on someone’s actions, you have to know their heart. While some crimes can be understood, (such as shooting someone who has broken into your home and attacked your family), other crimes, (such as pedophilia), can never be understood. I caution that while we are busy judging other people and disagreeing with their menial actions, we should remember that they have a good heart, they are not malicious and they are not committing heinous crimes. Most of us are just doing the best we can, everyday.

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