Oh, The Struggle!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I certainly struggle with fitness. I am the type of person who gains weight from carrots (yeah, I know). So, if I don’t keep active and watch my food intake, I pack the pounds on like crazy. Which, has been exactly what has happened in the last couple months.

Now, I have done the up and down weight/gym dedication thing. For a semester at university, I was able to go to the gym about twice a day for 3/4 days a week and once a day for the rest. I was also avoiding carbs (in form of bread, pasta and rice). My problem is, I absolutely love bread and pasta and rice. They are my favorite things so it made it difficult for me to stick to it without cravings. Since then, I have learned about Nekter Juice Bar and their Acai Banana Berry bowls and done some internet research on caloric intake, macros, workouts and understanding my health.

Let me pause here for a minute to say: my health is based on a feeling. When I was in high school, I was very active and I felt great (especially during swim season).  However, I was eating terribly, a habit I have continued since high school. I have to imagine that if I eat well and I continue to work out, I will feel even better than I did in high school and that is the feeling I am going for.

Obviously from the photos above my weight gain has been substantial. The interesting thing is that the way I look now, (or in May), is how I felt I looked in high school. I always saw myself as overweight. I thought I was very large. Now, I actually am heavier and on my way to being large if I don’t do something about it. Hence, this blog post and my determination to get myself back into shape and feeling better than I felt then.

For the next week I will be going to the gym/being active everyday. I will take my measurements tomorrow morning and I will be chronicling the process. Today I prepared some raspberries, strawberries and bananas for smoothies. The bananas and strawberries I cut up and put them in a bag and into the freezer. The raspberries I am freezing as well. That way I can cut out the amount of ice I need to include. I have soy milk, spinach, peanut butter, and I purchased a probiotic juice by Tropicana at the store. I also have Noosa yogurts in raspberry and blueberry flavors in my fridge. I also have peanut protein powder, but I don’t really intend to use it.

Protein powder is something I have been curious about and wondered if I should add it to my routine. However, I read this excellent article on Medium, (click here), by Theo Brenner-Roach. He is a personal trainer and a blogger on fitness and health. He is very knowledgable and he really surmised the protein powder research I had done. Ultimately, I don’t do any lifting strenuous enough to warrant protein powder because I am getting plenty from my food. I eat meat and other animal products as well, so I don’t need protein supplements to make up for that.

So, using Theo’s information, I am going to aim for 1300-1500 calories a day, 210g of protein, 30% of my calories from fat and the carbs are the calories. Because of my weight, I could actually consume more calories, but I want to cut down on my carb intake, so I cut my total calories down.

I am happy to say I am on track today. I am sitting at 1340 calories and I have already had dinner. I may have some yogurt or something later if necessary, but I have room if I do. And the best part is I don’t feel like I missed anything. Starting tomorrow I will be sharing my meals so I can remain accountable and if you are wondering what I am eating, you can know.

Follow me this week as I take this journey!


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